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University WiFi

The services provided by the University of Szeged can be sorted into two main groups by purpose of usage:

  • Central services
  • Access of local resources

Services can be accessed by a supplicant shipped with the operating system or deployed by a 3rd-party vendor.

Pre-requisites (hardware):

Network adapter capable of:

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi standards
  • WiFi encryption: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise TKIP/AES

Pre-requisites (software):

Any kind of operating system supporting WiFi access.

User authentication

Authentication of users are done by using an user id and a corresponding password. The user id equals the ETR-login and the password is the one belonging to it. The user id looks like the following: ETR-login@wifi.u-szeged.hu, for e.g. xyuvwzq.sze@wifi.u-szeged.hu.  Anyone having ETR-login can acquire service usage right electronically at www.wifi.u-szeged.hu .


Central Internet access (szte-wifi)

This type of service is typically used by a client (university staff, current student) if she wishes to access either the central services of the university or external networks. This service can be used by user id and password. Procedures to access service are shown here .

Eduroam (eduroam-szte)

This type of service is used if the client having eduroam id (guest lecturer or student) wishes to access external networks. This service can be accessed by a valid eduroam id and password.

Local switching (szte-lan)

This type of service is preferably used when the client (university personnel or lecturer) needs to access the local resources of a specific building. It can also be used with the same username and password like the central internet access. Procedures to acquire this kind of service can be read here.

Informational (szte-informacio)

This service is used to provide information about the usage of the services mentioned earlier. The service is constructed the way that only informational pages can be accessed. The web server can be found at: .

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